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The UK government plans to introduce hostile legislation which could prevent people from reaching safety in the UK - or rebuilding their lives if they get here.

Our politicians want us to think that there isn’t an alternative. But we know a better, kinder and more human response is possible.

Please add your name to our call for a more welcoming UK

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Why this matters to you

We asked supporters to share with us why it’s important to offer welcome to refugees, and have highlighted some of your stories on our instagram. We’d love to hear your stories and have included a section to add your own to the pledge below.

“I choose welcome because we’re all human and every human being deserves to be safe”
“I choose welcome because you never know when you’re going to be on the other side trying to seek safety for you and your children”
“I choose welcome because I believe every human being deserves the basic human rights so many of take for granted”
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A manifesto for a UK that truly commits to making refugees welcome.

Our vision is a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone.

We believe that everyone has the right to seek safety; that the right to claim asylum is not only protected, but that people fleeing war and persecution are welcomed.

We believe that no one should have to risk their life to reach safety; that people seeking asylum deserve protection and dignity, no matter how they arrive in the UK. And we believe that refugee families should be able to reunite and rebuild their lives in safety.

The UK urgently needs a fair, efficient asylum process, rooted in protection and dignity, which enables people to reach safety and rebuild their lives as part of our communities.

We can start getting there by:

  • Creating a meaningful and comprehensive humanitarian visa scheme, enabling people to travel to the UK and away from danger to have their claims heard
  • Creating a scheme to relocate lone children, protecting this extremely vulnerable group from smugglers and exploitation.
  • Enabling more people to resettle in safety, welcoming at least 10,000 people each year
  • Helping families to reunite, enabling people to rebuild their lives.

When people arrive in the UK, they should be welcomed. We can do this by:

  • Providing equal treatment for people, no matter how they arrive in the UK.
  • Giving more and adequate support, preventing people being pushed into destitution.
  • Housing people in the community as our neighbours, enabling them to safely rebuild their lives as part of our communities

These aren’t radical suggestions. They are the first steps to a humane asylum system. So if, like us, you believe in a world that chooses love and justice; if you believe in a UK that truly commits to making refugees welcome, please pledge your support for our manifesto.

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