Tell the UK government that the Nationality and Borders bill is a barbaric and unacceptable breach of human rights

The UK Government has passed the Nationality and Borders bill. This anti-refugee bill will now become an anti-refugee law. This means that people fleeing war, torture and persecution coming to the UK will be criminalised unless they have taken one of the appallingly few, inaccessible resettlement routes - and so will anyone who helps them.

Criminalised for seeking a safer life. Criminalised for seeking a safer future.

This law punishes people rather than protecting them. This law is inhumane and unfair and denies people of their basic right to safety. Both the Nationality and Borders bill and the proposed plans outlined for the UK to send asylum seekers thousands of miles away to Rwanda will only serve to further punish and harm people who are seeking safety. Seeking asylum is not illegal.

It’s natural to feel angry and helpless in times like these. But we must continue to speak out. We have to tell the UK government that we do not accept this barbaric bill, or the Rwanda plans. We have to stand together in solidarity, with a unified message:

Refugees Welcome.

Write to your local MP today to urge them to fight against this inhuman decision through this form. It takes minutes.